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We believe passionately about the aims of the Consortium and proud that we have been accepted as a member a day after the launch, being the first Employment Business to be welcomed.

Sizewell C Consortium is a British industrial consortium calling on the Government to back Sizewell C, the proposed new nuclear power station on the Suffolk coast.

The Consortium believes Sizewell C is a pre-packed stimulus project that will provide a major economic boost for the UK and set the country on the road to a green recovery.

The Consortium intends to sign memorandums of understanding (MoU) with regions across the UK to guarantee British jobs and investment in the building of Sizewell C. Up to 70% of contracts for Sizewell C will go to British-based businesses, securing the future of the nuclear supply-chain and creating tens of thousands of jobs across the UK.

We will be actively promoting and supporting the Consortium, its aims as a single-voice for the UK’s nuclear supply-chain and the Sizewell C project, wherever possible.

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